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What To Consider When Setting Up A Fire Safety Plan For Your Business

Maintaining a safe environment for the workers in your business is of supreme importance these days, and there are many different factors to consider in order follow the regulations and keep everyone from harm. In this article we will follow the advice of the Fire Risk Assessment Network. As an owner of a business, you have the responsibility to prevent fires and injuries from happening, then also save people in case something unexpected does happen and it is your duty to ensure a fire risk assessments are carried out. Let’s take a look at the considerations and what an owner can do to avoid fires in the workplace.

Every Business Should Have A Fire Safety Plan

In the event of a fire, each employee should have specific duties to do in order to protect clients and other employees from being victims. There should be a well thought out escape plan where leaders gather people up and lead them to the nearest fire exit. These escape plans should be posted throughout the business and everyone should know their role.

These escape plans are of no use, however, if the fire doors end up being locked when people get there. So there must be a daily check to make sure each fire door is unlocked and accessible in case of emergencies. People being trapped at locked doors is a major concern during a fire.

There Should Also Be Detectors Placed Throughout The Business

Modern smoke detectors are real lifesavers, they can detect fire, smoke, carbon dioxide and other toxins that precede a fire, giving advanced warning before any visible problems arise. There should be more than the regulated number of detectors, and some should be permanently connected to power so that dead batteries aren’t a concern.

In addition to detectors, fire extinguishers should be readily available near any possible outbreak of a fire. The employees that work near flammables should be well versed in how to put out any fire in their areas and those that could happen in other areas as well.

Fire safety courses should be given to all management personnel and any other employees that work with or around flammable products. In cases where there are cooks using greases and oils, there should always be an automatic fire suppression system installed that can detect and extinguish any fire before it can get out of hand. Grease traps should be cleaned and inspected regularly.

Regular Fire Safety Inspections Should Be Made

There are companies that will set up your fire suppression system, fire detection system and then maintain the entire safety network for a monthly fee. They will also give safety inspections and instructions to make sure the workplace is kept entirely safe from fires.

It Should Also Be Considered That Some Fires Are Arson

Many businesses have disgruntled employees, competitors, and just plain crazies that try to commit arson on them. Businesses need to protect themselves from that possibility as well. Keeping the exterior of your place of business well lit at night with no combustibles or garbage nearby is the first part of the plan.

Then, there should be a video surveillance system in place to monitor any suspicious activity that could arise. Some companies have more problems than others due to altercations with customers, employees, and terrorists that use fire as a weapon. In those cases, it’s always a good idea to patrol the premises on a regular basis in addition to cameras and other measures.

Any outside containers that have garbage in them should always be made from metal, kept locked and never overflow. Sometimes just a keep warm fire by a homeless person is enough to burn down an entire block.

If you need help developing a workable plan there are plenty of fire prevention companies that are willing to help. You can hire them as consultants or part-time contractors to help keep your business safe and secure forever.