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Look At The Different Types Of Roofing Before Making A Decision

The decision you are about to make in regards to your roof is one that will impact your life for years to come. There are many more important decisions, but your home gives your family a place to live. Your roof protects your home, and you don’t want to be repairing it or replacing it anytime soon. What you need to consider now is the different types or roofing materials and which one you might want to choose to have installed.

Let’s look at composite shingles first because they are one of your least expensive options. You also have choices if you go that route. You get to choose from architectural shingles and the cheaper 3 tab shingles. Naturally, there are also colour choices, and that helps, too. You are going to find that these shingles are good for use on most homes, and of course they are the most popular choice as well.

What about your metal roofing choices? You might have been thinking about going with metal, and in that case, you have four choices. There is tin, and then you have steel, too. But that’s not all, as there is copper and aluminium as well. As you can well imagine, copper is the most expensive choice that you have available to you. There are different benefits and advantages to each type of metal, so that is something you might want to look into as well.

Then there are the wood shake shingles, which offer that beautiful, natural look. You don’t see these as much anymore of course. Yet they are still an option. This type of roofing shingle is actually easy to replace, too, and repair. And these roofs actually last for quite awhile, too. While that’s good to know, you might be thinking that you would rather have a different type of roof since you don’t see the wood shake shingles as much anymore.

Then there are the concrete and clay tiles. Have you seen these on homes before? Clay tiles are really popular in the southwest for many reasons, and they also look the part. People are used to seeing this type of roof in the southwest, and that is important to note. If you have wondered about having this type of roof installed on your home, you should know first that it would be more expensive.

Yet there are many good reasons why people opt for clay or concrete tile roofs. You have the option of slate, too. Slate is popular in terms of it being a good choice, but many homeowners don’t go for it though. They don’t want to cough up the money, and who could blame them?

There are actually other choices, too, including eco-friendly roofs. Metal can be considered eco-friendly, but just wait until you see your other options. Check them out if you haven’t made a decision just yet, and make sure you pick the type of roof that you want for years to come. You are going to smile when that new roof is put on your home.