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Ten Tips For Electrical Safety In The Workplace

Many business owners that fail to understand the real chance they have of encountering electrical safety issues will often neglect preparing properly to reduce the effect of such an occurrence. The Government body that handles and regulates health and safety rules receives more than a thousand reports of electrical accidents in work related incidents every year. An average of 25 deaths result each year related to injuries from these electrical accidents.

With many thanks to DDS International who are health and safety consultants and offer health and safety management packages, we offer the following ten tips to enhancing your electrical safety in the work place so that your company, its staff and colleagues can all have the best chance of staying free of harm when at work.

1. For Fixed Machinery Be Sure To Make Clearly Identified Power Switches
In an emergency it could be difficult to locate the power switch of a fixed machine if it is not clearly marked as such. Putting on stickers or other methods that clearly indicate what and where a power switch is will help to quickly turn it off.

2. When Close To A Plug, Use Portable Equipment
A portable device is very easy to unplug which removes it from the power source. This helps in reducing those things that can be damaged or that might further exacerbate the problem.

3. Don’t Unplug By Pulling The Cable
In an emergency it is common to panic and do things in a manner that is less than ideal. It is important that when unplugging machinery from the power source that you actually go to the outlet and unplug from the socket. If at all possible turn off any power to the socket before unplugging.

4. Items That Are Possibly Faulty Should Be Clearly Marked As “Do Not Use”
We highly recommend that anytime you have an item that may be faulty that you mark it with a sign or sticker that is clearly visible so that no one uses it until a professional can check to see if it needs repairs or replacement.

5. Never Clean Electrical Items Until They Are Unplugged
While we all have good intentions, accidents happen. To be safe we recommend that you always take the time to unplug electrical items before cleaning them. You might safely clean it while plugged in a hundred or even a thousand times, but it only takes once for a disaster to occur.

6. Frayed Or Worn Cables Should Be Immediately Replaced
If you are frugal you might be tempted to believe that a cable can be used longer, or that putting some duct tape can remedy the problem, but this is not a safety conscious decision. Replace it.

7. The Lowest Possible Voltage Should Be Used
When you use lower voltage, if a problem happens it is less likely to cause as serious an issue.

8. Install Enough Electrical Sockets
In a place of business there are countless things that need to be plugged in. To overload a socket is a real possibility. Be sure to install enough sockets for your needs.

9. All Electrical Installations Should Be Done By A Professional
This is no place to cut corners. Have it done by a licensed pro.

10. Appliances Should Be Properly Maintained
We recommend having all appliances set on a regular maintenance routine to ensure they are kept up.

Following these ten tips will greatly improve the safety level of your workplace.